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The Australia map design used on the following products is based on a historical map, mainly hand-drawn and should not be used for any definitive purpose.

Map Tag products are also sold at the Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne. Australia. Stall number C51 most Thursdays and B72 most Sundays.


Products supplied may differ from photographs shown.


Map of Australia


Available rolled or folded.


Price A$25 folded. Rolled: Small size (only black on parchment) $25 Large size (only coloured) A$40

Both unfolded in a strong cardboard postal tube


The historical map has timeless beauty and was originally drawn by hand in the 1960's using little more than a pen, ink and ruler, and revised by the Australian Government ‘s surveying and mapping agency using a variety of cartographic methods. Now printed in subdued colours and without advertising or tables, in folded form it opens and closes easily with a spine for bookshelf storage. In rolled form, it is supplied in a strong postal tube. Six copies of the map have been sold to the Australian Senate for framing.


In the small format the map has a traditional "old world" look in black on a parchment looking paper and is ideal for hanging in hallways, the study and living areas. This map is printed in black on ivory "parchment" only. See image in next section below. The large format is in colour.



Large Format: Unfolded & Rolled: 78 cm by 93cm.

Folded 17cm by 17cm, with cover and 1cm spine .

Small Format: Unfolded & Rolled: 47.5cm by 57 cm

Framed Map of Australia


Large size: Price $350 Size framed 100 cm by 117 cm. Postage and Packaging: Price on application,


Small size: Price $200 Size framed 63 cm by 70 cm. Postage and Packaging: Price on application.



With a traditional "old world" look, and in the small format, the historical map is ideal for hanging in hallways, the study and living areas. The map is printed in the colours of black on ivory "parchment" and a grooved, Brunswick green surround. It is framed in a walnut finish.


In the large format, the map is an ideal feature to complement the study, office or boardroom. Beautifully framed in a walnut finish with a midnight blue surround, the map will enable you to have a piece of cartographic art. At least every home should have a map on the wall. This beautiful map is likely to complement any classical location. It is printed in subdued colours with no advertising or tables.

Light reflective maps of Australia and the world


Price A$90 unframed and rolled in a strong postal tube.
A$280 framed. Postage and packaging: Price on application

Photographs of the maps as though they were taken at night.
Ideal for framing. Needs a bright area or an incandescent light to display to full advantage of the design. Design will glow the more light is applied.
Size unframed 51 cm by 61.5 cm

Stylish T shirt - singlet


Price A $35.

When travelling outside Australia you can use the shirt to show what town you are from.
Also inside Australia or overseas show where you have travelled.

Available in sizes S,M,L,Xl and XXL as a close cut female T shirt, excluding the map of Tasmania. This T shirt will combine with the Tasmanian G string or thong to uniquely display the whole map of Australia, between the T shirt and thong.




15th January 2004




Peter Brohier, a Melbourne lawyer, said today:


A T shirt and thong or G string set featuring Australia, including Tasmania, has been selected for display at the Design Museum, London.


The set will be part of the Conran Foundation Collection which will be showing for about thee months, commencing on the 15th January 2004. The Collection features designs 'conceived with ingenuity' from across the world.


The design features a fitted T shirt covered with a detailed map of Australia from front to back with a matching map of Tasmania on the front of the G string or thong.


The map was drawn principally by hand by the designer�s father, Edgar Brohier, using little more than a pen, ink and a ruler. Edgar Brohier died just after completing the map in 1966. The map was updated by other means in 1996 by AUSLIG, Australia�s survey and mapping agency.�


Peter Brohier, the designer, is a Melbourne lawyer and the man behind the Australian Government's multi millions of dollars of on-going support for Bass Strait sea travel. A vastly improved ferry access for people and vehicles between Mainland Australia and Tasmania has resulted, described as 'changing Tasmania forever'.


The T and G set, and other unique map related products, can be purchased through The set is priced at A$50. Separately, the thong A$15 and A$35 for the T shirt.'



Peter Brohier can be contacted on 61 3 9532 8818 or Australia 03 9532 8818 or 0415 941 314

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Also available in regular S,M, L, XL, XXL including Tasmania - sized easy with a straight cut . All T shirts show the whole map of Australia extending from the front to the back of the T shirt.
Also available from time to time as a regular sized T shirts with Western Australia on the front and the rest of Australia on the back. This shirt will allow, in conjunction with a regular T shirt, the whole of the map of Australia on both the front and back by using the two shirts. This is ideal for a "his and hers" T shirts set for two people travelling together. Show your part of a travel duo. Standing together the whole of Australia is visible from the front and then the back when you go past! They make great discussions, worldwide. When you're separated from your partner others will know you're connected!

A sophisticated alternative to wearing just the name of your town or a kangaroo!






Hi Peter,

It was lovely to chat with you the other day, As I said when I wore my Black T-shirt recently on vacation in Port Douglas, I was stopped by so many Traders, and visiting Tourists from Europe, USA, New Zealand... but also many Australians.

I could have sold MY t-shirt, one hundred times over, and everyone was amazed with the fine detail. My next purchase will be a white one and also a sarong. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to meeting you again at The Melbourne '82 Club Ionians when you will be guest speaker.


Canterbury, Melbourne
I last emailed you regarding trying to obtain your famous "T & G" set. Due to us not having a free trade agreement, I was unable too. However, what I did not know, is that when I sent the first email, my friend there in Tas.. had called you, and it was already on its way. I had the T on at the beach recently, and WOW! What a conversation starter!

Who would have thought... and then when I said it had a matching G... hmmm, some conversation, I must tell you!

Thanks to him, my friend, and you....


In Sunny Florida

Australian Fabric Map - table overlay - wall hanging - table cloth - or for framing Australian

Registered Design

Price A$50


These fabric maps will encourage great discussions regarding travel experiences. They are ideal as a gift to hosts and friends abroad. Also you can take them home and show where you have travelled. Great to hand on a wall to remember home.


The map is printed on 100% cotton. It is the perfect garment to take on that overseas or interstate trip. It can be used to educate or marked with fabric paint to show a long trip and then stored in the glove-box. It is ideal as a wall hanging to recall a trip around Australia. It can be marked with fabric paint that can be purchased at most fabric shops, to display points of particular interest or a lifetime of travel.


Available in: Black writing on white cotton - size about 133cm by 173cm

Bikini Australian registered design, European registered design T&G set


Price A$40 bottoms, A$30 tops

Regardless of your size, this bikini will show you off and not great expanses of material.


Slip into style with this classic black bikini. Displaying a map of Tasmania printed on the front. The bikini coordinates with both the T-shirt and sarong and is great fun to wear. Even at Rio or Cannes you can still show that strong Aussie connection! Narrow cut at the back with string ties.


Available in white (small and medium)

G Strings or thongs - also boy shorts style (female)

Price G string or thong and or boy legs A$20




With with a map of Tasmania design. Co-ordinates as a set with the female T shirts omitting Tasmania, thus showing the whole of Australia between the T Shirt and briefs

Available in a black map on white or a white map on black


The set with T shirt or singlet and G string or bottom costs A$55. We suggest that as the T and G set has been displayed in top design museum in London you may also consider framing it. Not many garments are ever shown in design museums.

in sizes 8 for about 88 cm hips
small 10 for about 93cm hips
medium 12 for about 98cm hips
large 14 for about 103cm hips

Also size 16 and 18 G strings or thongs

Australia on a Sheep’s Back TM Sheepskin Rugs - trademark and Australian registered design

Price A$80 for 115cm plus length long wool sheepskin. tanned in China.



Thick luxurious Australian sheepskin


Available as a large sheepskin with a small map design on the reverse. This design depicts how Australia obtained its wealth in the past, from exporting sheep.

Caravan or 4 Wheel Drive Rear Tyre Fabric Australian Registered Design

Ideal for "big trip" travelers to show how much of Australia you have seen and mark the route with fabric paint.

Price A$50.



Made of rugged PVC, the sheet has a detailed Map of Australia design that can be marked with fabric paint to show trips across Australia. Ideal for showing the big trip around Australia. The material can be used for many outdoor purposes and sewn onto existing tyre covers and other outdoor fabrics.

Silk Maps of Australia


Price A$50



Off white silk with a Map of Australia design printed in green or blue. Can be used for dyeing. Rough cut for framing.

Size : About 100 cm square


Price A$50 large and A$35 small (both large and small umbrellas now have no prints on them). Both umbrellas are windproof.

A sophisticated - windproof polyester covering - fiberglass shaft .
Can return to shape when turned inside out and has an excellent rubber handle.

small version

Golf size quality umbrella with "good grip" rubber handle and fiberglass frame. The small umbrella is a rectangular pocket size and is also windproof.

World Fabric Map

This map encourages great discussions when placed on a table. Ideal for keeping on the dining table before the next dinner party. Can be used as a wall hanging and marked with fabric paint.
Price A$50.

Turn your table into a map table.

May be used as a tablecloth or overlay on a table for table settings of about 6 persons. An ideal conversation starter over meals. The World Map was originally published under the direction of the CIA, Washington. The map has been enhanced, enlarged & printed by Map Tag.

Reduce the number of times you need to take out a heavy atlas. Keep it as a covering for a dinner table. Also makes a great wall feature. Shows perspective better than a globe. Black and grey print on white cotton fabric.

Can be marked with fabric paint to make your trips. Keep it as a history of where your family and or friend have travelled.

Cotton and sized about 133cm by 173cm

Men's Handkerchief Map of Australia

The size of a men's handkerchief with a map of Australia design A$25

Cotton with an Australian map design that can easily be carried in pocket or purse and will make an inexpensive gift when combined with the greeting card. Also available in a bandanna size cotton material A$15 for framing in black or while material;

100% cotton

Australian Travel Advisory Guide

This pocket guide folds to about the size of a credit card. It includes many useful free call or reduced call phone numbers as well as general advice on where to stay, where to eat and what to see.


Size folded: 6.5 cm by 9.0 cm


Unfolded: 9.0 cm by 39 cm


The guide provides a useful "aid to memory" for those travelling overseas & a quick summary for those arriving in Australia


The latest edition of the guide is available free by

clicking here .




Greeting Card, A1 size Poster, microfiber tea cloth

A$5 Greeting card - microfible tea cloth A$15
A$40 Poster - A1 size poster on photographic paper


The card and poster that just says it all! May be one of Australia's greatest photos that just says Australia!
A great way to show off Australia or even Tasmania!. The greeting card can be combined with the small fabric maps.


Fairy Song audio CD

This universal song is likely to be sung by children for decades. Click here to download a short sample (564KB wav format)

Price A$10




The CD contains the Fairy Song, a sweet song for small children. Words and background music are separated and then combined to enable children to sing the song with the music backing. Also the instrumental melody is great for easy listening by all age groups. The key bars of the tune are also included as are MP3 and Midi ring tone tracks.


I purchased your CD of the Fairy Song at the Vic market recently. This is just a short note to let you know that we absolutely love it!! I bought the CD home and played to my little girl and my sister. When Irene sang her piece, both my sister and myself were in tears!! How adorable!! I admire her creativity and her initiative to make a CD! We think she's gorgeous!! Everybody that walks into my house has the pleasure of experiencing the little Fairy Song!!
I took a gamble on buying it...and I'm very glad I did!
Thanks to you and Irene...we are very happy!
Thanks once again
S & N S



CHESSMOCRACY TM - a board game of democratic power and politics


Price A$40

A notated, quadruple sized chess board made of polyester size and rolled in a strong postal tube.
A game of skill based on power and politics using the same rules as chess. Can be created by using two sets of chess men - not supplied but easily obtainable from games shops.

The same rules apply for chess apply.

All moves are the same as for the original chess pieces.

The game reflects the inter-relationships of power between the people and institutions in modern-day democratic politics.

Possibly and subject to the laws of the state in which the game is played, two sets of coins having six different denominations could be used in lieu of chess pieces, one side using heads the other tails.

Copyright P N Brohier June 2008

All rights reserved



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61 3 9532 8818


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